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Despite the country’s economic gains in recent years, the number of children living in poverty in the Philippines has continued to go up, according to a study released by state think tank Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS) today.

The PIDS study titled “Child Poverty in the Philippines” also warned that population growth, the lack of inclusiveness of economic growth and the country’s exposure to natural calamities will worsen child poverty in the next few years. The PIDS said there were already about 13.4 million Filipino children living in poverty in 2009.

“This number represents 36 percent or more than one-third of all Filipino children aged below 18. Being poor, they suffer from deprivations of food, shelter, health and education,” said Dr. Celia Reyes, PIDS senior research fellow and lead author of the study. Reyes said around 10 million children of those living in poverty face at least two overlapping types of severe deprivation of basic amenities while an estimated 750,000 face at least five kinds of deprivation simultaneously.

storyteller“Largely because of poverty, 5.5 million children are forced to work in 2011 to augment family income. These children are unable to pursue their education and this affects their ability to find better work opportunities in the future,” said Reyes.

PIDS said poverty in the country is largely a rural phenomenon. The study estimates that three out of four children from income poor families while eight of 10 who are severely deprived of safe water and sanitary toilet are found in rural areas.

Our goal is to take a group of these children, make sure they have rice, and make sure they go to and complete high school. We need to supply food and clothing for these children to insure a bright future. Your donation will help us attain this goal more quickly. All donations are tax deductible.

Giovanni Azucena Family

Giovanni was hit by a car and killed on Thanksgiving day leaving his wife, Sarah Jane, and 6 children with no income. JHII.ORG will help them. Please help us help them by donating at JHII.ORG. They need a Christmas. Children are Giovanni Jr, Erica, Jenny Rose, Dave, John, and Regina Colleen.



Bible Store Telling



At least once per month we go to see the kids and Jo Jo tells them Bible stories. This week it was about Joseph. Next week it will be about the birth of Jesus. She always lets the children know that Jesus loves each of them very much.

Last week we delivered 11 sets of clothing to the boys. We are now working on 19 dresses for the girls. Sixteen are finished. We will deliver all of them before Christmasdresses
We want to turn all these sad faces into happy faces by giving the children a Christmas party. We can only do this if we have help from you. We are not asking for $500.00 or $1,000.00. Try $5.00 or $10.00. Every bit will help. Go to JHII.ORG (Philippines) and make a tax deductible donation. All monies received go to the children. We work for free. Was hoping my missionary daughter, Vicki Wolkins, could come and spend the winter here and help, but a round trip ticket is almost $3,000.00, so we will go to plan B.

jenny capotejamby

We started the year by giving 57 Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls to the children.
These dolls were made by my sister, Darlene Wilson. We picked them up in Panama. Darlene went to heaven last month, sure do miss her.Mrs Wilson
Next, we re-modeled the house of Maria Vebota her 2 children, and 2 grandchildren. The one room 120 square foot house had a tin roof, and during the day it was so hot they could not stay inside. We added a ceiling, insulation, and a ceiling fan. We also donated a refrigerator we had outgrown. It made the house livableWe hold monthly Bible Story Telling meetings, Jo Jo does the story telling, she always stresses that Jesus loves each one of them very much.Jo Jo made 11 pairs of shorts for the boys, and gave them along with shirts we had purchased at Goodwill in Carrollton GA. One of the boys, Plong Plong, could not be found. Turns out he only had one pair of shorts and they were in the laundry, so he had to stay indoors, we doubled his wardrobe.The papa of one of the children in our group was hit by a car and killed. JHII.ORG has adopted this family, mama and 6 children. We need help with this one, so any donation will be appreciated. Go to JHII.ORG, Philippines to donate. All donations are tax deductible All monies received go to the children, we work for free, pay our own expenses, taxi fare, etc.Jo Jo is made 20 outfits for the girls. We distributed them on Thursday, December 18th. The girls and their mamas are very happy.December 22nd we had the most awesome Christmas party these children had ever seen. There were over 100 children there. They played games, had a great meal served to their tables, prizes, gifts, and 2 and kilos of rice for each family. A 4th grade girl, Megan, did a fantastic job saying grace before the meal. Jo Jo had asked her in advance, it obviously was not the first time she said grace. Their favorite game was musical chairs. It is called marching to Jerusalem here. Also did sack races, bobbing for apples, Japanese walk, fish racing, and several more. IMG_9306IMG_9281IMG_9276IMG_9332 IMG_9331IMG_9288 IMG_9330IMG_9289 IMG_9286  IMG_9287
Jo and I packed 100 Christmas bags containing candy, cookies, and a toy selected for the intended child. Each bag had a child’s name on it. We had extras just in case, and we needed them.IMG_9361IMG_9361IMG_9334


After the games we served over 100 meals, spaghetti, fried chicken, and hot dog on a stick, cupcakes, and orange juice.

2015 plans

We had a very eventful 2014, and 2015 will be no different.  We visit the children at least monthly. Thanks to the good folks at Harvest Bible Chapel, Naperville, Illinois, Vicki will be arriving on April 3 and will help conduct a Vacation Bible School for the kids. Jo Ann will teach classes for the younger ones who do not speak English, Vicki will handle the older kids. The last day of VBS we will have a dinner (dedicated to Mrs Wilson who made Raggedy Ann dolls for these kids) for the kids. We will probably have at least 100 Children so we will get help from moms and dads.

The children have no place to play except in the dirt.   We want to build something for playgroudthem similar to this photo. We are hoping someone can find plans for us so we can build it ourselves. It would be very expensive to purchase , we don’t have the money, but we do have some building talents plus a few tools (one hammer).   If someone could find some plans we could purchase and download, it would be perfect. All we would need to purchase is the slide and the swings. Thanks in advance for your help.

The papa of one of the children in our group was hit by a car and killed last Thanksgiving day. JHII.ORG has adopted this family, mama and 6 children. We need help with this one, so any donation will be appreciated. Go to JHII.ORG, Philippines to donate. All donations are tax deductible all monies received go to the children, we work for free; pay our own expenses, jeepney fare, etc.

Jo Ann has finally received her green card, so this summer we will visit the US and hopefully bring home lots of clothing for the kids. We will purchase from Goodwill Stores, their prices are usually less than the cost of material.

Continue to pray for us. We love our work and these children.

Activities Taking Place in Philippines

During the year as many different events take place in Philippines we are going to try and capture as much as possible and report back to you some of the events to keep you abreast of what is going on and how we are involved in the area.
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