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 Newsletter Spring of 2016

            Newsletter Spring 2016
Jacobs House International
Omaha Works Volunteers
– Omaha Division
 With Service and Support to the Community
Bylines by Richard Maxwell


At the last L M Luncheon on Thursday December 3rd, 2015 the attendance was 159 people with four grocery carts of food for Salvation Army.

Items of interest since the Autumn Newsletter

Bereavements: Audrey Kasal, Kenneth Wild, Daniel Hayden, Duane Hiatt, Vincent Miller, Clemens Minor, Ruth Young, Ryan Murphy, Adeline Pettitt, Mary Nelson-Walling, Donald Smith, Joanie Moore, Richard “Cef” Cefrey, Raymond “Red” Perina, Mary Raff, Victoria “Vicki” Eads, Howard Hollingsworth, Virginia Hyslop, Richard Lloyd, Harley Newman, Susan Tucker, Stephen Zerbs, Harlan “Whitey” Clark, Barbara Rimington. Total life members 2810

Hug -A-Bears have delivered 880 bears making a total of 35,958 during the past twelve plus years.

Hooks and Needles have made 189 items since last newsletter.

Completed projects since Autumn Newsletter

On Wednesday evening November 25, 2015 twenty-nine volunteers did preliminary things for Turkey fest. On Thursday morning November 26, 2015 twenty-one including some of those same volunteers prepared the meals for delivery.

On Friday December 4th, 2015 Barb and Lloyd Grey, Betty and Jerry Golmanavich, Cathy and Dick Maxwell, and Joan and Ron Siwa volunteered to do paper work for Adopt-a-Family.

On the next three Saturdays of December I would like to thank the following twenty volunteers: Bill Peters, Frank & Rose Markesi, George Parkerson, Jerry & Betty Golmanavich, Don & Verneta Dirks, Darla Plymala, Lois Brittell, Silvia Jones, Linda Jurgens, Doug Thoms, Taya Thoms, Paul Pickrel, Bill & Carol Fleming, Ann Drebot, Kevin Arnold, and Darwin Fager for ringing bells at Sam’s Club. The Kettles contained $1,661.86 which rounds to about $1.15 per minute for the eight hours per day we were ringing.

Thank you all for volunteering for these projects. Hope all of you will volunteer again for these projects in 2016.


The first Life-Member-Luncheon of 2016 is Thursday April 14th at a new location with instructional insert attached. There will also be a much needed food drive for the Salvation Army. Please be generous. Reservations are due April 7th and you can find the form at www.heartlandpioneers.com under Omaha then under L M L or with this newsletter.

The second L M Luncheon will be Thursday August 18th 2016 and the last one will be Thursday December 1st, 2016.

In November we again are planning to have Turkey Fest followed by in December Adopt A- Family along with Bell Ringing.

Each Tuesday from 9:00 a. m. till 1:00 p. m. we stuff bears at the Maple Ridge Adult Living Center located at 168th and Maple. Please contact Steve Dawkins @ 402 740-2475 if interested in helping.

Third Saturday of most months, the Hooks and Needles meet at the Ralston Library @ 1:30 to turn in items, discussion, and a snack. Please contact Jean Belmudez @ 402 733-3926 or Elaine Hobbs @ 712 328-2580 if interested in helping with this project.

You all come help with some of our great projects. They are not difficult and try to have some fun each time.

Spring Pioneer Newsletter March 5, 2016

Be sure to check these additional websites for more information and facts and interesting items.  All done by volunteers to keep you informed.

www.heartlandpioneers.com www.owrg.org www.omahaworks.net www.weoma.com