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                                    NFB Driving for March 19, 2015

Hi! I've received the list of 13 requesting transportation on Thursday to the NFB Meeting at the Farm House on 84th at 6:30 P.M.

One request is for Ross and Declan who live very close to the Farm House @ 3306 S. 88th Street in Omaha.

I request that whoever gets to the Farm House first, unload your passengers and then drive west of 84th Street and pick-up Ross & Declan. Declan will be in a car seat but Ross has demonstrated that he can connect and disconnect a car seat from the back seat of a newer automobile in a matter of seconds.
The only inconvenience that could occur if Ross is unable to depart the meeting when the meeting is adjourned and another group is delayed getting home.

Please call the people I've asked you to pick-up no later than Monday evening.

You may have heard that the Heartland Pioneer Council has, as they say, "gone dark". I've been told that before our Council shut down, all funds were distributed to local 501 (C) 3 organizations like the Food Bank, etc. I understand that many of our service work groups will continue to function and that the Luncheons will continue.

As long as you are willing to volunteer to transport the members of the Omaha Chapter of the National Federation of the Blind, we will continue this service work.

I've lost Bill McCormick's email address. If you have it, please forward this email to Bill with a copy to me so I can pick up his email address.

If Ann or Donovan or Vern or Bill want one of the four route assignments attached, please call the person assigned. I try to give you all the opportunity to volunteer. Your welcome to join us at the Farm House on the 19th. You can find the driving assignments in my email to each of you. George