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Hooks N Needles Update For 2017

The Hooks and Needles group leader Jean Belmudez retired as chair and Elaine Hobbs became the  new leader for the group in 2017. The group kept right on where they left off from the previous year. The new chair, Elaine Hobbs kept them on track throughout the year. Everything the ladies make is donated to different organizations in the metro that passes out to the needy. The women continue to make all these things at home and meet once a month to turn in the things that they have made. This year they displayed some of the Cancer quilts made for children that have cancer. Below is a list of the items that they made in 2017.  You may click on this link and view some of the quilts.
Pictures slideshow link When the slideshow opens click on full screen and click on the play button!

Photos and Information provided by secretary Tricia Bonaiuto

Items made by the group this year in 2017
W.bags 1596
Lap Robes 140
Hats 184
Ear warmer 21
Scarves 349
Pet mat 97
Afghan 1
Baby Blanket 40
Fleece blankets 91
Kids quilt 63
Pet quilt 14
Doll quilt 23
Cancer quilt 35
Veteran Quilts 20
Squares 455
W. Slippers 44
C. Slippers 5
M. Slippers 4
shawl 1