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"....Keeps on Ticking In 2015"

Nothing much changes from year to year with the Hooks n Needles group.  Just like a Timex Watch that "....Keeps on Ticking" the same can be said for the Hooks n Needles group! 

The October 2015 meeting was held on the 10th, at Ralston Library because the Library is holding a book sale in the room on the 17. Elaine Hobbs and Lois Exline were hostess.

Elaine starts the meeting with any important announcements about relevant events as well as exciting developments for the group's interest, such as thank you notes from any of the recipients of our gifts. At some point we start show and tell in the grandest sense.

They had Little King sandwiches, potato chips, and cupcakes. There were 8 members present.

The November meeting will be on the 21, at 1:30 pm. At Ralston Library it will be a cookie exchange meeting and salad. Everyone is to bring 2 dozen of cookies, and a salad to share. Jean Belmudez will be hostess.

Jean counted the items we have for the Salvations Army mitten tree project.
1. a pair of gloves
2.  Two neck bands
3.   66 scarfs
4.   246 hats

Hooks and Needles truly provide warmth for the body but more so warmth for the heart.  This group is amazing!  1000 Thanx to Elaine, Jean and the rest of the troops.

Minutes of the meeting by Betty Golmanavich

Additional Note:
Work turned in the month of October 2015 and work at home to be turned in:
Sharron L. Bailey 4 cancer quilts, 3 lap robes, 2 baby quilts, 2 doll quilts, door prizes
Marjorie L. Brady lap robe, cat mat
Jean L. Belmudez 1 hat
Lois F. Exline 6 knitted men slippers, 9 knitted women slippers, 8 child knitted slippers
Ellie P. Dziewa  39 squares
Betty P. Golmanavich   1 cat mat
Ann L.Young 20 granny squares
Jean L. Belmudez 5 lap robes and 15 pairs of slippers at her house

The next meeting will be November 21, at 1:30 pm. at the Ralston Library