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"....Keeps on Ticking"

Just like a Timex Watch that "....Keeps on Ticking" the same can be said for the Hooks n Needles group! 

Most months of the year our Hooks and Needles group chaired by Elaine Hobbs and Jean Belmudez meets at the Baright Library in Ralston starting at 1:30 p.m. on the third Saturday - the week after our monthly breakfast. 

This group contributes the largest amount of our hours for community service every year in spite of the fact that the membership is slowly shrinking, but on a typical Saturday one might find about 14-20 members seated at tables in a square pattern and the meeting will usually open right after the coffee starts to cook. 

Elaine starts with any important announcements about relevant events as well as exciting developments for the group's interest, such as thank you notes from any of the recipients of our gifts. At some point we start show and tell in the grandest sense.

This is where everyone gets an opportunity to tell us what they have accomplished since the last gathering.  A lot of this time is spent in Sharon Bailey's corner (see the the photos) where she displays one artistic quilt after another.  Sharon gets many requests from Papillion for folks being treated for cancer.  Her displays always embarrass my latchet hook kit I've been working on for almost two years and now approaches about the halfway point. 

It's quite amazing when you distribute the yarn and other materials at one meeting and next time they're key ingredients for pet blanket, slippers, wheelchair saddlebags, afghans, lap robes, hats, scarves and mittens and more, all showing off the skills of these crafty people.

As if thats not enough it seems that there are always door prizes to be given out.  The climax is the opening of the snack bar created by some willing volunteers.   When appropriate the Nebraska Football game will be on the radio.

Hooks and Needles truly provide warmth for the body but more so warmth for the heart.  This group is amazing!  1000 Thanx to Elaine, Jean and the rest of the troops.

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Additional Note:
Work turned at the year end meeting for 2014:
Sharron L. Bailey 6 cancer quilts - 4 kids quilts - 2 dog quilts - 2 door prizes
Marjorie L. Brady 4 cat mats
Michele P. Bonaiuto 49 fleece scarfs - 5 child blankets
Lois F. Exline 6 women's knitted slippers - 2 child knitted slippers - 1 pair small slippers
Betty P. Golmanavich 2 kitty mats
Elaine Hobbs L. 5 sewn toddler blankets - 2 sewn med. Dog blanket
Peg Vomacka P. 1 baby afghan - 4 baby blankets - 1 fleece blanket
Ann Young L. 20 granny squares - 1 hat

The next meeting will be in February 2015.