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Omaha Works Volunteers Luncheon
(formerly the Pioneers Life Member Luncheon) at
Westside Community Conference Center

            Last OWV LML at
Westside Community Conference Center 

This past December 3, 2015 the Omaha Works Volunteers (former Heartland Pioneers Group) held their last luncheon at Westside.  This has been their home for a good number of years for the LML and catered by Access 66 Catering.  Judy the chairwoman for the luncheons was notified that the school district needs the space at the center to convert into classrooms starting after the first of the year.  Judy has been busy trying to find a location that is suitable in time for the spring LML.  She has a caterer already lined up and just needs a place to hold it.  As soon as a new location is in place we will notify everyone.

There were around 170 former employees that gathered for this last luncheon at Westside and had a great time visiting and remembering things from the past.

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