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End of An Era
Driving for the Blind

Sometime over 30 plus years ago a new committee was started at the Omaha Works under the Cornhusker Chapter #92 of Western Electric and carried forward with AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Avaya and CommScope in the name of community service by the Heartland Pioneers Council.

As the volunteers have all gotten older and the laws covering transportation of passengers in the state of Nebraska the time came to review where the committee Driving for the Blind and the needs of the people being transported and the drivers all needed to be evaluated for the coming year 2016.


After having visited with several drivers, the NFB folk, and of course the Pioneer Board, we gave notice to the NFB (Ross) that the Dec 17, 2015 (Famous Dave’s)  event would be our final transport service.


Those of you who have driven recently are most welcome to attend that event.  I will verify time and location.   It has been our custom to accept that one appreciation dinner each December from the NFB chapter.  


The community service has been performed faithfully and safely since the early 1980's.  Possibly late 70's.  It was operating already when Ernie got active the very early 80's.  Bob Miller asked me to drive Hank and Rose to WCB in 86 and 87.  I began monthly chores in 1988 in my brand new 1988 Accord.  I transported Maxine Doll to W. Dale Clark Library the first day.  Of the drivers still living and active I know Ann and Don were recruited shortly after that.  Kevin and Vern go back as well.  To list all of the drivers over the years would fill a page and each and every one of them should be thanked and recognized for their volunteer service to the blind community and the pioneers.  


We understand that our friends have been working out some new arrangements for transportation and perhaps more importantly to them, they will begin meeting on Saturdays instead of Thursday evenings!     


It has been a pleasure and privilege to know them (the blind) AND each driver who has served over the years.   And especially to those who saw this to the end.


It should be noted that during this time frame the NRB chapter we served honor Ernie Wesolowski for 25 years of continuous service to the group with his driving in town, to Lincoln for legislature hearings and many other events both out of town and out of state.  Thank you Ernie for your volunteer service, the Cornhusker and Heartland Pioneers.


Thank you and Season's Greetings!



The Driving for the Blind Volunteers


From Ross and Bridget Kuenning-Pollpeter ,

Dear Drivers,

We appreciate your years of service to NFB Omaha. Many have forged relationships with the drivers, and for some, without transportation, they would have found it difficult to attend chapter meetings. You have provided decades of transportation to the chapter, and we thank you for your volunteer service

As each of you move forward, we wish you the best.

Happy holidays,

Ross and Bridgit Kuenning-Pollpeter