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Hug-A-Bears 2017 Update 
Video provided by Stephen Miller

During the Telephone Pioneers General Assemble in 1991 -1992 a new project was introduced to all Chapters of Ma Bell and as president Dick Winter brought the project back to the Cornhusker Chapter from the General Assembly.  The new project was called Hug-A-Bear.  A committee was formed and Dick's wife became the first chairperson of the group.

In 1996 the Cornhusker Chapter became the Heartland Council and Steve Dawkins and his wife took over the Hug-A-Bears committee around 2000 - 2001.  From that time forward the group has made well over 38,000 Bears. Over the years there have been many volunteers working on this project. As time goes on and volunteers come and go it has been reported that today the volunteers are Darla, Jerry, Joe, Ron, Joan, Steve, Steve, Ray, Virginia, Gayla, Kathy, Velma, Pat, Ann, Karen, Marcia, plus a few retirees at Maple Ridge Resort Living Community.
A few years back Maple Ridge gave the group a work room in the lower level to make and assemble the bears. If you find a HUG A BEAR in the caring hands of a child and wish to know more about the volunteers, who make these handcrafted and embroidered
"Made with Love - Omaha Works Volunteers" Please contact Steve Dawkins. Volunteers are always welcome to help in the creation process.
The Bear construction group gathers
every "Tuesday" morning from 9 a.m. till noon at Maple Ridge Resort Living Community 168th & Maple Street - lower level. There is always laughter, conversation, and maybe a few homemade munchies on Tuesday mornings. If you would like to help get in touch with Steve Dawkins Hug A Bear committee chairman, cell phone: 402-740-2475 for information about the Hug A Bears activities!
Last summer, 2017, Steve Miller made a video of the bears works group and converted it to a YouTube that you can watch by clicking on this link.