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Directors of Jacob’s House International

John and Jane Mehrens

John is the Minister of Granby Christian Church in Neosho, Missouri.  John  graduated from Ozark Bible College in Joplin Missouri. 

He was appointed as the President in 2013 at the annual board meeting in Romania.  John and Jane first went to Romania in 2007 to hold a revival. 

He and Jane have travel to Romania almost every year since then, holding revivals in many small villages that can’t afford to hold revivals  because they are so small and remote.

Bobby and Carolyn Wolkins.

Bob Wolkins retired from Lucent Technologies, formerly AT&T after a career
spanning 42 years. He also served in the Active Army, Army Reserve and Army National Guard for over 31 years. After retiring from the ARNG, Bob went to work for Northrop Grumman as an Army Contractor in the intelligence field. He has been working for Northrop for the past 15 years and continues in that position.

Carolyn Wolkins worked at various Secretarial jobs and then became a stay at home mom. After raising two children, Carolyn worked for a Prominent Law Firm in Omaha Nebraska where she spent 25 years as a legal secretary.

When JHII was formed, Carolyn assumed the role as President and CEO. She served in that position for 12 years and then turned over the reigns to our new president, John Mehrens. Since the inception of JHII, she has worked tirelessly sewing and knitting gifts that were given to the needy in Romania and Moldova.

Carolyn has completed hundreds of blankets, scarves and lap robes, that took thousands of hours to create and that are greatly appreciated by the poor families in Maderat. She has been a constant supporter. In addition to the Romania projects Carolyn is sewing “Hug-a-Bears” for the Heartland Council of the New Outlook Telephone Pioneers. These Bears are given to hospitals, police, fire and sheriff departments to be given to any child they find that is under a great deal of stress. These bears bring a great deal of comfort to the kids. As of July of 2014, The Pioneers have donated over 32,000 bears to the above listed groups. All of these bears are made and stuffed by local volunteers from the Omaha Nebraska Metropolitan area.

Don and Linda Wolkins


Don served in the U.S. Navy upon graduation from High School. After serving in the Navy, he earned an undergraduate business degree under the G.I. Bill. Don was employed by a fortune 500 corporation for 36 years. At retirement, Don served as a member of senior management with responsibility for development and sale of 25,000 urban acres of land in 103 cities in the western 2/3 of the United States.

Don and Linda moved to Panama in September of 2011 and currently live in the Gorgona/Coronado area. Their passion is to help orphans and underprivileged people in Panama.

They founded Jacob’s House – Panama in 2014 to assist with the education of young women who otherwise would not be able to attend university. Educating young women is their primary goal.

Linda earned an undergraduate degree in Computer Science. Linda’s first career was with Northwestern Bell in Omaha. Upon earning her degree in Computer Science, she worked as a programmer for a public/private utility in Omaha. Her third career involved appraisal of residential homes in and near Omaha, Nebraska.

Bud and JoJo Wolkins

budjojoBud was born on May 6, 1933 in Mills County Iowa, He was a member of the Army National Guard. He was drafted in 1956 and upon discharge, he joined the California Air National Guard. He started a package delivery business which he sold in 1995 and then worked full time with the Air National Guard until retirement in 1993.

After retirement, Bud enrolled in night classes at Bellevue University in Omaha. He spent days working for the Post Office and nights studying. He received a degree in business administration in 1996 and entered the Master’s program the same year, earning an MBA in 1998.

Bud married Jo Ann Serania in 2012 and started working with impoverished children in a squatter’s settlement. They purchased food, played games, read bible stories, sang songs, etc. In 2013 while visiting Panama they acquired about 80 Raggedy Ann dolls and took them back to Davao City for the children. The big smiles on the faces of the children inspired them to do more.

The children they work with are extremely impoverished. Some cannot afford school. We want to make sure they all attend school wearing the required uniforms and having money for lunch. This is where JHI can help. They want to make sure they attend school, and also provide their families with a 5 kilo bag of rice per week. There is no fee for the schools, but the uniforms, the jeepney fare, and school supplies are more than many can afford.

Jo Ann was born on June 26, 1978 in Davao City, Philippines. After completing school, she attended the University of SE Philippines in Davao City, earning her degree in 1999. She worked as a cashier until obtaining her teacher’s license after which she taught at a small private school. She resigned in 2008 due to health reasons.

Bud and Jo Ann moved to Davao City in 2013 and reside there at the present time.

Vicki Wolkins

vickiNearly 25 years ago, Vicki Wolkins took a three-hour drive to help with a Bible club on the Santee Sioux Reservation. This small step began a life-long journey into the joy of missions. She passed through Tijuana to hear the call into full-time missions, stopped in Urubamba to do street evangelism, relocated to study the Bible and cross-cultural ministry at Moody Bible Institute, rushed to Erd to work with Romani children, and stayed in Arad to encourage persecuted believers. All along the way, her passion for missions grew.

Vicki’s next step in this journey is focused on continuing to build her relationship with the children and their parents during trips to Davao City each winter. In the meantime, Vicki is a small group leader for 8th grade girls at Harvest Bible Chapel.

Marilina Daplindaplin

Marilina M. Daplin was born on November 7, 1968, in Alburquerque, Bohol, Philippines. She grew up in a household where her father labored and her mother took care of the home. She attended college at theUniversity of Bohol and graduated with a Bachelor of Elementary Education specializing in English.

After receiving her bachelor degree, Marilina earned her license to become a teacher. Though not able to acquire a job in her home town, she was determined to reach her goal. She moved to Davao, Philippines in search of work and accepted a position as a teacher at Nikkei Jin International School in Davao. While teaching she also earned her Masters and has been working at the same school for the past fourteen years.

1st Vice President –
Gratian Gehorge Moldovan

  • Gratian  lives in the Village of Maderat, Romania.   He is a leader in his church and a very successful business man. 
  • Gratian owns and operates a “Mixt Magazin”  (general store) in the village of Maderat.
  • He is also a bee keeper.  Gratian owns two bee wagons.  In total, he has approximately 200 hives which have produced 7,000 lbs of very fine honey.
  • Gratian is well respected throughout Romania.
  • He provides JHII transportation and coordinates all Revivals held in Romania as well as runs the summer camp held each year at Camp Casoia.  This camp has upwards of 60 young people each year. 
  • In essence, Gratian is our eyes and ears in Romania.  Without his dedication, our work would be severely restricted.


Treasurer - E. Terry Ausenbaugh
Jacob’s House International, Inc.

  • Calvary Christian Church - Chairman, Board of Elders, 1982 to 1998; Treasurer, 1998-2010
  • Terry is the current CEO of H&A Media Group, Omaha, Nebraska
  • Publisher, Home & Away Magazine – Responsible for the oversight of the editorial and
    advertising content of the membership magazine distributed to member households.
  • Vice President Sales – Responsible for the oversight of advertising sales for ten AAA member
    publications with a combined circulation of approximately 9,000,000.
  • Terry has served in various positions in the news industry for many years. Beginning in 1974.  2002-Present Board Member of AAA Publishing Alliance
  • 1993-1998 Safety and Health Council of Greater Omaha
  • Executive Committee, Chairman of Public Relations Committee, 1994-1995, Chairman of Occupational Health and Safety Committee, 1995-1998
  • 1982 to 1996 Corporate Contributions Coordinating Council
  • President of Omaha Chamber of Commerce - Omaha, Nebraska from 1990 to 1992
  • Executive Director - World-Herald Goodfellows Charities 1982 to 1993
  • Board of Directors, 1982-1998
  • 1992, 1996-2000 - Nebraska Special Olympics, Omaha, Nebraska
  • Member, Executive Committee Member, 1996-97, Chairman of the Board
Board Member – Romania - JHII
Adina Cornelia

  • She works as a professional accountant and has served on the JHII Romania board since 2005
  • Her daughter Raluca has been one of our camp leaders for the past 2 years.



Board Member - Romania - JHII
Doli Llie

  • Doli holds a masters degree in computer science
  • He  graduated from Arad University in 2005
  • He has served on the JHII Romania board since 2009

The Romania Board Members of JHII

  • John Mehrens - President

  • Gratian Moldovan - 1st Vice President

  • Bob Wolkins  -  board member

  • Adina Conrelia - board member

  • Doli Ilie    - board member